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Work began on the establishment of the Mikal company since 2015, when the idea arose to establish a company specializing in car tires, batteries, car oils and spare parts, and since that time, work began to follow the Palestinian and international market with accurate follow-up and after a careful study based on the data of the global market and the Palestinian market, it was found that The Palestinian market needs to establish a company that specializes in this field and has a high level of knowledge in choosing high quality tires, oils, batteries and car parts, and through our study of the market it has shown its lack of after-sales service and follow-up.

In this period, the idea of establishing the company started effectively, as the employees of the establishment of the company visited many international exhibitions and visited many related companies until the ability of the company in the event of its establishment to provide the service that the Palestinian citizen aspires to in terms of.

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  • We have a clear long-term strategy that is based on our core values. It helps us sustain long term growth and successfully shape the future of the company.
  • Through our product launches, we help our clients to directly communicate with the key stakeholders from our distribution network
  • our communication with the clients is targeted to reach the right people which include the sub-distributors and the decision-makers from the consumer segment.
  • By 2025 and beyond, we want the Company to generate continued profitable growth and to become more customer-centric, and to have fully digitized internal processes to achieve this ambition, we will focus on our strategic priorities and explore new possibilities for our business.