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The importance of tires for road safety

Tires play an important role as they are essential because they provide the only point of contact between the vehicle and the surface it is rotating on.
However, most drivers place more importance on the vehicle’s performance and its various safety systems than the tires themselves.
When driving at high speeds, the temperature inside the tires rises dramatically, which may cause them to explode. If the air pressure inside the tire rises too much, the road contact surface decreases, and with it the stability of the car, and this negatively affects your safety very significantly.

When comparing premium tires to low-cost tires, our company puts safety first. So much so because it is safer to drive an old car without active safety systems and equipped with excellent tires than to drive a modern car with all current technologies and low-cost tires.
When driving at high speeds, the temperature inside the tires rises dramatically, which may cause them to explode.

Learn the causes of tire wear:

1- Overloading:

Car experts warn of excessive pressure on car tires and soles.

2- Increase air pressure:

Increasing tire pressure of about 20% of the normal amount represents a safety hazard.

3- High speeds:

Fast driving increases the friction of the tire surface with the knock, and thus increases the tire temperature, causing tire wear.

4- Adjust the angles:

Inattention, correct tire angle adjustment causes difficulties in steering and controlling the car and affects its stability, thus increasing tire rotation resistance and tire surface wear.


Why is it important to have good tires?

Tires are an essential part of automobiles and their main purpose is to improve vehicle grip. It is advisable to check the condition of the tires frequently as it affects almost the condition of the entire vehicle as well as the driving. Irregularities in the tires can be easily found and remedied with regular maintenance. To check tire conditions, you can see:


Scratch depth

Various refractions

One end is worn out, which necessitates adjusting the angles.

These faults can be visually inspected but other tire faults can also be found if you hear unusual noises while driving, how you respond to potholes and obstacles, or how the car behaves when cornering. If all of these characteristics are already in place, it is time to replace your old tires.

Tips for choosing the best tires for your car

Stability: A good tire gives the car stability while on the road, minimizing slip.
Durability: Heat is the biggest problem as heat causes tire edges and sides to break and soften when in contact with the road, causing it to slip or burst the tire. The tires are divided into three categories.
A  hot regions.
B  areas are medium heat.
C  cold regions.
Speed: Care must be taken when choosing high-speed tires, the more the tire has a symbol of speed, the higher its quality.
Production date: It is very important to choose a newly manufactured tire to avoid storage errors. The production date is usually written on the side of the tire and has three to four digits. The first two numbers on the left indicate the number of the week, and the two numbers on the right indicate the year of manufacture.